Cloudery Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 16/06/2019

This policy will explain what information you provide to Cloudery, operated and maintained by Cloudery Native Ltd ("Cloudery", "Us", "We", "Our"), when you use and any iOS and Android applications we offer (our "services"). This policy will also outline how we collect that data, why we collect that data, and what we do with that data. We only collect data that we are lawfully permitted to collect and is neccessary for us to collect to provide our services for you. We will retain your data for no longer than we need to in order to fulfill to purposes outlined below. If you have any further questions about any of our policies then please email

1. Data We Collect

When you sign up to our services, we ask for some personal information. The following is what we ask for and why:

1.a Account Information
  • Email address

    Your email address is used as your username which you log in to our services with. We also need it to send you things like invoices and password reset links.

  • First Name and Surname

    We need your name when processing payments and to personalize things like emails and in-app notifications to you. If you add users to your account your name is also used to identify actions you carry out whilst using our services.

1.b Payment Information

If you opt-in to a paid Cloudery account, we require you enter your bank account information. We do not store any of your bank account information. We use Stripe, who are a third-party payment processor, to process any payments to Cloudery Native Ltd.

Stripe are a payment provider trusted by many companies worldwide. Stripe's privacy policy can be found here:

2. Data You Provide

2.a Your Files

Cloudery exists to provide a variety of cloud storage types to meet the needs of different data types. We allow you, the user, to upload your files including pictures, videos and documents (your "data") to Cloudery. Whenever you upload data to our services, we store that data in Microsoft Azure Data Centers inside the United Kingdom (if you opt-in to our Bring Your Own Storage offering, this doesn't apply to your data). We store information about your data (things like file name and file size) to help you do things like sharing and searching. In some instances we process your files to generate thumbnails for your data to help you easily identify your data.

3. Usage Monitoring

We store information about when you download your files. We do this so we can optimize how your data is stored based on how regularly you access your data.

4. Cookies

We use Cookies to help us maintain and improve our services, as well as to provide functionality to our users. We use cookies for things like remembering your username and to take payments. You can choose to reject all cookies but it may result in unexpected behaviour and you may not be able to use our services.

5. Amendments

As we grow we may implement new measures to improve our services and as a result we may need to make changes to this Privacy Policy. Where appropriate, we will notify you via your account email address that we are updating our Privacy Policy and it is your responsibility to review the changes and ensure you still agree with this policy.